Statement from Managing Director

Our director has been around since the beginning of IFTC. Read a statement from the Director below.

From Betty Bugusu, PhD


It's my pleasure to welcome you to the Purdue University's International Food Technology Center, IFTC. Founded in 2010, IFTC is a food technology-based center housed in the Department of Food Science. The Center aims to increase commercial integration of agricultural production into markets and trade particularly in developing countries.

IFTC is founded on recognized food and agriculture research and outreach expertise available at Purdue, and honors the tremendous contribution of Dr. Philip Nelson, the first food scientist winner of the World Food Prize in 2007.

IFTC utilizes "market-driven" approaches to develop products and processes that meet existing demands for various commodities in diverse parts of the world. IFTC further employs innovative entrepreneur-focused adoption mechanisms to disseminate viable technologies. Our success is based on the ability to mobilize Purdue's wide range of expertise in food science, processing and preservation, and production agriculture as well as nutrition, health, and marketing.

IFTC also works in collaboration with strategic partners worldwide in public and private institutions as well as civil society. Additionally, IFTC works with Purdue students to implement its programs, thereby providing the training and experience to develop the next generation of scientists required to address the growing global challenges.

We welcome your partnership in the quest to empower farmers to participate in the global market economy.


Betty Bugusu, Ph.D.

Managing Director.

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