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The International Food Technology Center (IFTC) is a food processing-based center designed to link farmers to markets. The Center, housed at Purdue University's Department of Food Science, is geared to meet the increasing demand for food and economic growth in agriculturally-based developing economies. The Center is based on recognized research and analytical expertise in food production, processing, and marketing, already in place at Purdue. It also involves efforts within and across universities, national and international research centers, private organizations, and industrial food and equipment companies as they relate to advancing food security by enhancing markets for new and traditionally processed (i.e., value-added) foods and reducing food losses.

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Managing Director

Department of Food Science • Purdue University

Phillip E. Nelson Hall of Food Science
745 Agriculture Mall Dr
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Telephone: (765) 494-8256
Fax: (765) 494-7953
Email: iftc AT purdue DOT edu